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Between 2009 July 20-24. ELCOM and FETIKÖVIZIG has started the yearly repair and maintenance works on Hungarian-Ukrainian Common Remote Water Management Network.

Most of our products, electronical systems  were made for the energetics industry, for our partners special and individual requirements.

Our complex activity (service) covers everything from planning to key-ready implementations in the following areas:

  • mid/low voltage systems
  • industrial automatic systems
  • wired and wireless data / telecommunication networks
  • IT networks and systems
  • security of industrial facilities

Most of our partners are international companies of Oil&Gas industry, Water Management Authorities, and other energetics service providers.

Please find our references to see where and what kind of works have we done in the past. If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us!

Measuring, process control, and communication solutions on OIL and GAS wells
Flood protection - Meteorological and Hydrometeorological monitoring in multiple catchment areas of Hungary and some surrounding country
Other industrial solutions
(ClearWater, WasteWater, Gas, Electricity and other industrial areas)
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